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General Forum -> General Discussions  ~  Voice actors wanted
PostPosted: Thu Jun 01, 2017 6:17 pm  Reply with quote
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I've come across 3 games that are looking for voice actors(mostly female)for their games. Please be advised some of these games due contain gay/lesbian scenes and you must be okay with this if you plan on doing this. Also I intentionally with held the email addresses for the threads' sake.

HTH:I'll need to find the info but I do know they're looking for other female actors to help voice a lot of the girls on the island.

FBC: Voice Acting
Furry Beach Club is also looking for voice actors and actresses to fill our rich cast of upcoming characters. Donít have experience as voice actor or actress, no problem!

We offer:
- Professional guidance and feedback to help you get started in the amazing world of voice acting or to bring your already existing voice acting skills to the next level;

- A spot in the credits of the character which you voiced, giving you well deserved publicity to, for example, your FurAffinity profile;

- Free to use professional grade recording equipment (we take care of all the shipping costs);

- A bonus of $50 per voiced role;

Interested in doing audition? Simply send us a sample of your voice (range) to support email.

Monster Girl Island: This is closer to Monster Mune and done by Redamz

Monster Girl Island VA open casting

Hey everyone!

Iíll be doing a test run for voice acting in the game. Iím looking for a female VA to voice a yandere type character. That means she should be able to give both a sweet and a more crazier tone to the character.

This will be a paid job of course.

You must submit your clips to a certain email with the ďcastingĒ subject.

Please no bad microphones or background noise!

Casting ends the 15th of June.

Some things to consider:

MGI is a lewd game, youíll be required to perform moanings and the likes for the sex scenes.
This is an anime-esque game. Iím not looking for pornstar-like performances.
A lot of people will listen to your voice if you are selected.
Youíll have to so some pseudo ASMR whispers close to the mic and the likes. (You donít need a binaural mic, the 3d sound effect is done in the game engine).

The clips you must submit are:

I see confusion in your eyes. [pause][giggle] It doesnít matter at all if you have forgotten. All you have to know is thatÖ [closer/whisper] I love you. And guess what? Iím never, ever letting you go again.

I called you. Again, and again, and again. Did my voice reach you? Why didnít you answer my call? I have longed to be reunited with you for so long! What could be more important thanÖ[pause] Are those girls arenít they, they are the ones keeping you away from me.

[15 seconds of slow and loving moans]

Finally, donít be discouraged if you are not selected!

I only need 1 specific character for this test run, but Iíll be needing many more when nearing the end of development.

ďIf you love life, donít waste time, for time is what life is made up of.Ē

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