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Welcome to JusticeBabes.com!

Have you ever wanted to see a Super Heroine team made of all hot and horny babes? If that's your fantasy, then you're in luck. This site was designed to bring to life a team of gorgeous chicks with super powers and dangerous curves. On this site, we will have interactive adult games, in which you'll be able to strip these super babes naked. You'll be able to drool over their photos in the pin-up gallery. You'll also be to participate in development of our Justice Babes battle games! You'll be able to send in suggestions for new Justice Babes characters. (Only suggestions by members will be taken in consideration). You'll also be able to read about their sexual adventures and erotic encounters in an all new and original comic book series.

Decemeber 15, 2001
We've added some more Sneak Preview shots, and another Free Puzzle for you guys to play with. Look for new updates before the end of month!

Decemeber 10, 2001
Happy Holidays everybody! We've got a new treat for your desktop this winter. Jeff has whipped up a new Justice Babes wallpaper for you to use...

November 27, 2001
We have added a new character to the side bar. "Angry-Angel". Possibly a villian? Maybe...

November 26, 2001
Hope everybody had a Happy Thanksgiving. We posted a new Jigsaw Puzzle in the freegames area. Enjoy! Look for new updates within the next few weeks.

November 20, 2001
Our message board is now live. Please go use the messageboard to post your ideas, thoughts, comments and suggestions. There's a little hint there on what concept we are going to be using for Justice Babes.

November 14, 2001
We updated our site's design to include a navigation bar. Thanks again for all the emails that are trickling in. Yes- We do read your emails, so keep them coming. We are planning to open up a message board to allow surfers to share and post their ideas on JusticeBabes characters. Keep checking back for new updates.

October 31, 2001
Happy Halloween! We posted Wonder Broad, a new Justice Babes character for you to admire! If you guys have ideas on what type of character you would like to see, let us know! We're interesting in hearing your suggestions. Keep checking back for more updates!!

October 29, 2001
Thanks again to all those who have been sending us emails! It really makes us feel great to know you guys are digging our work, and coming back to check our site out every week. We posted a new Justice Babes character- mini-teaser along the side bar. AND.. for those who solve our new jigsaw puzzle, you will get to see a close up shot!

October 23, 2001
Added 2 characters along the side bar as a quick mini-teaser of some of the other Justice Babes you might find in our universe.

October 20, 2001
We just want to take this time to give a thanks to all those who took the time to email us! We do read your emails!! We just might be too busy to reply back to you. So please continue to email us and let us know what you think of Justice Babes so far.

October 2, 2001
We've been working hard on developing some game images for Justice Babes. While you're waiting, here's something we cooked up for you guys to play with.

September 14, 2001
Jeff and I wanted to take some time to offer our hopes and wishes to those of you who have lost loved ones or have suffered as a result of the horrific tragedy on America recently. We can not express the shock we felt at the suffering of our friends, family, and fellow citizens of the world. We urge all of our surfers, where ever you are, whoever you may be, please take some time to help those who are in need as a result of this these tragedies. Please take the time to donate blood or money to help in the recovery. Visit the Red Cross and Amazon.com for more information.

September 9, 2001
We've been working on creating images for a Justice Babes Strip Poker. We will open up a free area for Justice Babes once we get our materials organized. Keep checking back for new updates!

August 24, 2001
We've come to the conclusion that doing a site of just comics only is not going to be a real kicker. Our site won't be just about static images, it will be an interactive and immersive world. You won't just see and hear the justice babes, you'll be a part of their universe. We've evolved our project into a new SUPER SECRET project. Our plan is huge…..we've grown beyond cartoons and are working on something that you've never seen before. We can't give you all of the details right now, but we will be providing hints here and there throughout the next several weeks. We are planning to break it down into phases and slowly build up where members are more involved in the direction we are taking our site. More soon!!

August 22, 2001
For the past few days, we've been brain storming and bouncing around a premise for the site. What will Justice Babes evolve to. We're thinking possibly a combat league of super babes. There is an on going tournament in which the babes fight for the championship. Since we both have day jobs, it'll be tough in trying to make big promises. We will want to make sure we can deliver what we promise. SO no big promises at the moment. Just check back often for announcements on our progress.

August 19, 2001
A new story was drafted for issue 1. The first four pages have been sketched up. We've been collecting some of our preliminary materials for a "Making of Justice Babes/Behind the scenes" section. Look for a message board coming soon!

August 18, 2001
This news page was created and polished for public show and tell.

August 16, 2001
Added Suzy Homewrecker, Whistling Dixie, and Silver Stalker images to the character roster. The actual character roster (internal page), contains full bios drafted up. We will be releasing some of this information once we finalize them.

August 16, 2001
A coming soon Splash page was designed. A logo for Justice Babes was created.

August 13, 2001
Pulled a few characters from the mix for revisions.

August 13, 2001
JusticeBabes.com domain was purchased and brought online.

August 11, 2001
We kicked around team names. We decided on Justice Babes.

August 8, 2001
Started building the internal site and adding character designs and conceptual ideas. Jeff came up with a bunch characters- some bad guys and good guys. Formulated the story for the first issue.

August 6, 2001
Ronald and Jeff got together and discussed a new project idea. Came up with a new online comic series of Super Heroines. Pulling our technical, artistic, and creative talents together to create a site offering online interactive games and digital comic books.

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