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Welcome to JusticeBabes.com!

Have you ever wanted to see a Super Heroine team made of all hot and horny babes? If that's your fantasy, then you're in luck. This site was designed to bring to life a team of gorgeous chicks with super powers and dangerous curves. On this site, we will have interactive adult games, in which you'll be able to strip these super babes naked. You'll be able to drool over their photos in the pin-up gallery. You'll also be to participate in development of our Justice Babes battle games! You'll be able to send in suggestions for new Justice Babes characters. (Only suggestions by members will be taken in consideration). You'll also be able to read about their sexual adventures and erotic encounters in an all new and original comic book series.

October 31, 2002
Happy Halloween!! We've added a new Holiday Wallpaper to the Wallpaper section in our members area! Adorn your desktop with Shanghai and her pumpkin. Have a spooky night!!

October 29, 2002
We've put together a new "Square" Jigsaw puzzle with Whistling Dixie. (Hint: This puzzle is a bit different pattern from the other square puzzles. There are 154 pieces in this game.)

October 28, 2002
Voodoo Child gives Jessica Bannister a surprise! Find out what it is in page 41 of Trophy Hunt....

October 24, 2002
We've updated the Character Bios section to include Shanghai. We've also made Shanghai available as a pinup in the Pinup gallery!

October 21, 2002
The polls section have been updated! There is a new poll that is really a combination of 2 questions. Part one is what kind of comics do you like (Hardcore or Softcore), and Part two is... if you decide on Hardcore, then what type of hardcore... Here's how we will evaluate the poll results: We'll take all of the Hardcore answers and compare it against the Softcore answer. If Hardcore votes exceed Softcore then we'll look at the specific hardcore answers. We're going to be basing our comics on the poll results! This is one of the many benefits of being an online member, you get to participate in shaping our comics to your liking!

October 21, 2002
Last time in Trophy Hunt- Voodoo Child went up against the big green and horny, She-Bulk. Find out who will prevail in page 40!

October 20, 2002
We updated the Character Bios page to include Heavy Water. We've also added a new pinup "Tentacle Attack".

October 19, 2002
We have a new Strip Casino Dealer on the block! Introducing the "new" Whistling Dixie.

Since the poll shows everybody favoring Comics the most, we'll be cranking out some more comics.. Strip Casino is currently the second choice, followed by the long overdue battle card game. The card game is still in the works and we haven't dropped the ball on that one yet.

We'll be changing the Poll questions here to get a better feel of what type of comics people are interested in seeing after Trophy Hunt. More HardCore? or stick to the current Erotic Softcore? Check back soon for the new poll! Feel free to email us your comments.

October 15, 2002
Page 39 is here!! Voodoo Child gives She-bulk the works!! (You dont want to miss out on this page!)

October 11, 2002
Voodoo Child uses her 'stick' on She-Bulk in page 38!! Will She-Bulk finally get her Big O.? Find out!

October 7, 2002
We continue our Trophy Hunt story with page 37!

October 3, 2002
We just posted the new Babe of the Month, Miss October 2002. The poll was officially closed on Sept 30. It was a very close race! But our Winner made it out on top just in time. Find out who the winner is in our Babe of the Month gallery.

We've reset the polls so you can start casting your vote for the Miss November 2002.

September 30, 2002
Page 36 of Trophy Hunt is now available! You'll get to see Voodoo Child on all four. And She-Bulk jumps into action!

September 26, 2002
We've posted page 35 of Justice Babe Trophy Hunt! Voodoo Child gets clobbered! Come check out the action! (and of course all the big hooters)

September 25, 2002
Special Announce! We'll be adding a new set of Bonus Games for Toons. The new cartoon strip games will be female Parodies of Super Heroes and Heroines. While these aren't Justice Babes characters*, I know a majority of you will appreciate the art and the extra fun in stripping them. (*Note: There is actually 1 Justice Babe toon character. If you're interested in seeing more toons of JB characters send us an email or post your feedback on the message board.) Join our Members Area today for a sneak preview of all 21 toons!

September 24, 2002
Only a week left until we announce the Babe of the Month! It's a close call between Wonder Broad and She-Bulk. There is a new Square Jigsaw Puzzle added to the members area.

September 23, 2002
Who will be the next Babe of the Month (Miss October 2002)? Currently Wonder Broad is in the lead- followed by She-Bulk... Join our members area and cast your vote today! There's only 1 week left before we close the poll!

We've added a new Pinup of Wonder Broad! Check her out in the Justice Babes pinup gallery!

September 22, 2002
Voodoo Child is unstoppable! (Check out page 34 of Trophy Hunt!) How will our JusticeBabes heroines get of out this sticky situation? Stay Tuned!

September 18, 2002
Trophy Hunt - page 33 is now available! Voodoo Child fights back!!!

September 14, 2002
Bonus Content Update! Since the jigsaw puzzles have been getting a lot attention and reviews- we've added a new section to the Other Games section to include Daily Updated Jigsaw Puzzles. There will always be 5 Bonus Jigsaw Puzzles to play at any time, with a new one added Daily! Members will enjoy this great new addition to the site! We'll be posting more Justice Babes square puzzles soon.

September 11, 2002
Jeff created a mini shockwave animation of Wonder Broad. Come see her spin in full 360 on your screen!

September 10, 2002
Bonus Content Update! Jeff has made some artwork for Portrait Pack for the game Neverwinter Nights. We've posted these fantastic artwork in the "Jeff's Artwork" section. Come check em out!

September 9, 2002
Our Justice Babes gets down and dirty-- Voodoo Child is now outnumbered... Check out Page 32 of Trophy Hunt! (In other news- looks like Wonder Broad is taking the lead for Miss October 2002 in our Poll. Join today and cast your vote!)

September 7, 2002
Wonder Broad gives Voodoo Child a good Pounding in Page 31 of Trophy Hunt! Come check out the action!

September 5, 2002
We've got a shockwave flash animation clip of our Justice Babes of the Month - Voodoo Child! Available only in the members area.

September 4, 2002
Page 30 of Trophy Hunt! The Flasher puts her moves on Voodoo Child!

September 3, 2002
Hope everybody had a Happy Labor Day! We've got a new Strip Casino Dealer added to our JB Strip Casino game!! Come see Wonder Broad!! (Remember our Strip Casino dealers gets rotated every 10 minutes. so if you dont see your favorite dealer in the strip game of your choice. Wait a bit or come back another time.)

September 2, 2002
Page 29 of Trophy Hunt! The "big surprise" you've been expecting. Voodoo Child gets "bigger".

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