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Welcome to JusticeBabes.com!

Have you ever wanted to see a Super Heroine team made of all hot and horny babes? If that's your fantasy, then you're in luck. This site was designed to bring to life a team of gorgeous chicks with super powers and dangerous curves. On this site, we will have interactive adult games, in which you'll be able to strip these super babes naked. You'll be able to drool over their photos in the pin-up gallery. You'll also be to participate in development of our Justice Babes battle games! You'll be able to send in suggestions for new Justice Babes characters. (Only suggestions by members will be taken in consideration). You'll also be able to read about their sexual adventures and erotic encounters in an all new and original comic book series.

December 30, 2002
We posted page 54 of Trophy Hunt! While, it doesn't look like She-Bulk will be winning the Babe of the Month for January- All the She-Bulk voters will certainly be pleased with page 54!!

December 29, 2002
We updated the Character Bios page to include Anna Konda! Find out more about this French Cuttie in the Members Area!

December 28, 2002
There's only a few days left to cast in your vote for the Babe of the Month! If you haven't placed in your vote yet, login (or join today!) and let us know who you think should be Miss January 2003!

December 27, 2002
She's mean, she's green, and she's Horny!!! The Bulk is back in page 53 of Trophy Hunt!!

December 25, 2002
Merry Christmas!

December 24, 2002
We've got a new Justice Babe in town! Her name is Anna Konda! And she's a real cuttie! Check her out in the pinups gallery! (There are 4 new pinups!)

December 23, 2002
Lots of body fluids splattering all over page 52 of Trophy Hunt!!

December 21, 2002
Happy Holidays from Justice Babes!! Dress up your desktop with our new Holiday Wallpaper! (Available only in our members area: Wallpapers Section)

December 20, 2002
We posted page 51 of Trophy Hunt! Wonder Broad is finally getting some action.

December 17, 2002
Wonder Broad loses her clothes in page 50!!! "You want to put that where?" (You'll also get to see Voodoo child getting some action from behind. This is a must see!)

December 14, 2002
Page 49 of Trophy Hunt (JusticeBabes ComicBook#2) is now available! Group Orgy!! No more teasing! Bring on the Hardcore Action!! Come check out the fun!

December 11, 2002
We added another pinup of Nordic Fox to our pinup gallery!!

December 10, 2002
We just posted the The Babe of the Month material for December 2002. The Flasher came out on top in last month's poll for Miss December 2002! Come check her out in a full length interview and pictorials in our members area!! (Members, Don't forget to vote for Miss January 2003!!)

December 9, 2002
We snuck into our pinup gallery a pinup of the Flasher from the bios page. (larger version of the pose).

December 7, 2002
We've added a Splash Gallery to our members area. The Splash Gallery is an archive of all the front cover splash images.. For those newcomers who missed out on the various splash images, here's your chance to see them all!

December 6, 2002
We've added another page to the Sneak Preview in the free area!

December 5, 2002
Here are the results of last month's Poll for "What type of comics do you want to see?": Softcore-Erotic nude (19%), Hardcore-Girl on Girl (32%), Hardcore-Girl on Guy (21%), Hardcore-Bondages(7%), Hardcore-Tentacles (7%), Hardcore-Toys (10%). You'll be sure to see more hardcore action in our up coming comic pages!! Stick around!

We swapped out that poll question with a new one. "What's your favorite breasts size?" A-cup, B-cup, C-cup, D-cup, DD-cup, and Crazy Huge. So login and tell us what boobs size you prefer on your babe!!

December 4, 2002
We've updated our character bios section to include Nordic Fox! Check out her bios page!!

We've updated the poll for the Babe of the Month for January. Who will be the Miss January 2003? Cast your votes today!!!!

December 3, 2002
Syrinx for every one! We posted page 48 of Trophy Hunt (Book 2 of the Justice Babes comic)! Looks like a group orgy is installed for the JB gang.

December 2, 2002
We've got new pinups of Suzy Homewrecker in our members Pinup Gallery! (For those who love a babe with huge knockers- you'll be certianly pleased- Suzy's got what you're looking for!!)

December 1, 2002
A new Babe has arrived in town... Check out Nordic Fox, appearing in the members Pinup Gallery. And what a Fox!

November 30, 2002
The Sneak Preview section has been updated with a new page! We're going to be adding some more preview materials to the free area within the next few weeks.

November 28, 2002
Happy Thanksgiving!! Page 47 is now available! Voodoo Child 'sucks' away- while everybody else watches...

November 26, 2002
We've added a new Wallpaper of the 'incredible' She-Bulk! Available in 3 formats, 1024x768, 800x600, and 640x480.

November 24, 2002
We have page 46 up! Voodoo Child digs in! (She's got a mouth full!)

November 21, 2002
Page 45 is now available!! Mr Blonde seduces Voodoo Child! Will she put out?

November 19, 2002
Things are starting to heat up in the Justice Babes comic! We're going hardcore!!! Check out page 44 of Trophy Hunt!

November 16, 2002
The plot thickens!! We've posted page 43 of Trophy Hunt... The Trophy comes alive!

November 13, 2002
Page 42 of Trophy Hunt is here!! Things are starting to take a huge turn soon... "Oh, Man. We are so screwed." - says Superior Girl... Stay tuned and find out what happens next!

November 10, 2002
We've updated the poll for the Babe of the Month for December. Who will be the Miss December 2002? Cast your votes today!!

Also, Miss Novemeber 2002 has been added to our Babe of the Month gallery!! Come check out Superior Girl and see for the first time her secret disguise. (Don't miss out on the Hardcore Tentacle page).

November 6, 2002
New!! We've added Netfertari as one of our strip dealers in the Justice Babes Strip Casino!

November 5, 2002
We've added another Square Jigsaw Puzzle with Shanghai.

November 2, 2002
We've added a new Character to the Character Bios section. Check out Netfertari! - A hottie from way back.

November 1, 2002
From last month's polls, we have Superior Girl taking the cake for the "Babe of the Month". The poll for the Babe of the Month is now closed. We will be changing the poll questions and adding the Babe of the Month pictorials pretty soon! Stay Tuned.

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