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Welcome to JusticeBabes.com!

Have you ever wanted to see a Super Heroine team made of all hot and horny babes? If that's your fantasy, then you're in luck. This site was designed to bring to life a team of gorgeous chicks with super powers and dangerous curves. On this site, we will have interactive adult games, in which you'll be able to strip these super babes naked. You'll be able to drool over their photos in the pin-up gallery. You'll also be to participate in development of our Justice Babes battle games! You'll be able to send in suggestions for new Justice Babes characters. (Only suggestions by members will be taken in consideration). You'll also be able to read about their sexual adventures and erotic encounters in an all new and original comic book series.

April 30, 2003
We've updated the Character Bios for Rascal and Thunderstorm!! Thanks to our loyal members for contributing to the new bios!! We've also posted a new the new comic page to SideKick Hotline !!!

April 29, 2003
For those who didn't know it- we've added Rascal to the Character Bios page. Also, we've updated the poll question!! It's time revisit what you guys want to see more of... As a quickie... we've added a random pinup that Jeff whipped up...

April 28, 2003
We've got another core character made for the "Triple-X Babes" team... Eariler this month we introduced Thunderstorm... This week we give you Rascal!! Check out the Pinups of Rascal in the pinup gallery!!

April 27, 2003
Page 14 of the SideKick Hotline comic is here!!! If you're just tuning in- Lucky's luck has just ran out... meanwhile Captain Massive just got lucky with Suzy Homewrecker.... Come check out the new comic page!! There's a great shot of Suzy's big boobies!!

April 25, 2003
Another Cartoon Strip Game have been added to the "Cartoon Games" section inside the members area. Come check out "She-Bat" - the midnight vigilante!!

April 23, 2003
A little something rewarding... Since we haven't had a Vertical Jigsaw Puzzle in a while... Here's a new Vertical Jigsaw Puzzle game to keep you guys entertained while you're waiting for the next comic page. It's actually one of my (Ronald) favorite image that Jeff made a while back as a pinup. Since the image was so big, we had to shrink it down to fit into the pinup gallery... Now as a reward for solving this puzzle, you'll be given the original high resolution version. Enjoy!

April 20, 2003
Happy Easter! To celebrate Easter- we've added a new Square Jigsaw Puzzle game... This new puzzle contains 192 pieces... Upon solving the image, you will receive a high resolution image that you will be able to use as your desktop wallpaper! Enjoy the "hunting those square pieces". (Hint: In case you get stuck, there's a strategy to solving the square jigsaw puzzles posted on our message board by one of our loyal members!)

April 19, 2003
And now... Back to our regular program... we continue our SideKick Hotline comic with page 13! The mysterious unlucky number 13!! Lucky's luck is about to run out!! or maybe not... Also- in this page, Captain Massive gets a good blowjob....

April 17, 2003
We've added a new pinup of a concept character called "Burning Desire". And for a little side humor for the Furry fans- we've added a comic called "The Crapping Tree" in the "Original Comics" section under Bonus Content area.

April 15, 2003
We've added a new Cartoon Strip Character to our Cartoon Games section! Check out Huntress!

April 13, 2003
The April 2003 - Babe of the Month pictorial have arrived!! Fresh off Jeff's rendering machine! As a BONUS, there's 4 additional pages for a total of 12 pages in all!!

April 11, 2003
While you're waiting for the Crypt Kicker Babe of the Month pictorial- How about testing out your Jigsaw Puzzle solving skills with a new Jigsaw Puzzle featuring Thunderstorm.

April 9, 2003
Thunderstorm is now working fulltime at the JusticeBabes Strip Casino... Catch her in the Strip Poker room or Strip Blackjack room... If she's not in the room you want, come back in a few hours and you might find her there... (All the Strip Dealers are working in shifts...)

April 6, 2003
There's 2 new pinups of Thunderstorm in the Pinup Gallery!! Thunderstorm will be making an appearance in the Strip Casino later on this week!

April 5, 2003
Congratulations to Crypt Kicker for becoming Miss April 2003 - Babe of the Month! In celebrating her victory, we've added a square jigsaw puzzle (with a high resolution reward image which can be saved as a desktop wallpaper).

We've updated the Babe of the Month poll bumping off 2 of the candidates and adding in Thunderstorm and Back Scratcher. Who will be Miss May 2003 - Babe of the Month?

April 2, 2003
There's a new Justice Babes in town- and her name is Thunderstorm! Watch out guys- this babe has the power to control the weather! Learn more about Thunderstorm in the Character Bios section.

April 1, 2003
And now for something new and different! We've added a "cartoon 3d rendered" pinup to Jeff's Artwork section.

March 29, 2003
Members Area updates- We've added a new section devoted to the Virtual Trading Cards... All the animated virtual cards are now available in the Trading Cards section.

Also, we've updated the Splash Gallery section with more splash images that appeared on the front cover of the site.

March 28, 2003
By popular requests- We've added a new Square Jigsaw Puzzle. This new Puzzle includes a reward box that will appear upon completion of the puzzle. You'll be able to save the high resolution image of the puzzle for your desktop!

March 27, 2003
Pinups! Pinups! Pinups! We've added 3 Pinups of Wonder Broad into the Justice Babes Pinup gallery... AND in addition to that we've added a new hand draw artwork in the "Jeff's Artwork" gallery! This new piece of artwork was penciled by Carlos Candy, and colored by Jeff Whiting.

March 26, 2003
And now.. for the Virtual Trading Card you've all been waiting for... She-Bulk hardcore sex!! This is a must check out card... You'll get to see She-Bulk in action with 'multiple partners! ONLY IN THE MEMBERS AREA!

March 25, 2003
We posted Page 12 of SideKick Hotline.

Only a few days left to cast in your vote for the April 2003 - Babe of the Month!!! Will Crypt Kicker become Miss April 2003?? You decide!

March 22, 2003
A new cartoon Super Heroine Strip Game have been added into our members area under the bonus content section!! Come play either Strip Poker or Strip Blackjack with "Steel".

March 20, 2003
Suzy Homewrecker gives Captain Massive a hand job-- and a little more-- Finally we're getting somewhere!! Check out Page 11 of the SideKick Hotline Comic!

March 18, 2003
Virtual Card #10 - features our March 2003 Babe of the Month: Nordic Fox! If you've always wanted a chance to see Nordic Fox in motion (animated and naked!!!), this is it!!

March 17, 2003
Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

March 16, 2003
Suzy Homewrecker seduces Captain Massive... Captain Massive is starting to get around... Or shall we say 'aroused'... Is he really gay??? Find out in Page 10 of SideKick Hotline!!

March 14, 2003
Captain Massive completely strips Suzy Homewrecker in Page 9 of SideKick Hotline! Now we're getting somewhere!!

March 13, 2003
Virtual Card #9 - features Shanghai!! Come see this sexy Redhead walk -and of course her boobies jiggle..

March 11, 2003
There's a new Babe of the Month Poll up! Let us know who you think should be Miss April 2003. The candidates are: Full Moon, Pollenatrix, Crypt Kicker, Anna Konda, Heavy Water, and Faith. Cast your votes today!!

March 10, 2003
Today marks the 1st Birthday for the Justice Babes members area!! (FYI: The site idea and concept was originally started way back in August 2001. We officially took signups on March 10, 2002!) Thanks to all the members who made this site possible today!!

In celebrating the Birthday Month- We present to you with Nordic Fox, Miss March 2003 - Babe of the Month with additional pages for her pictorial!! (That's right! There are a total of 13 pages for the Babe of the Month pictorial!!!)

March 9, 2003
Virtual Card #8 - features Nefertari- The hottie from way back... Come see this Egyptian Queen walk about naked and best of all- her boobies bounce!!

March 7, 2003
Bouncing Boobies!!!! Virtual Trading Card #7 features Heavy Water. Although she hasn't made Babe of the Month yet, this Virtual Card might get her more votes for the next Babe of the Month poll!! Speaking of Babe of the Month- Congratulations to Nordic Fox for becoming Miss March 2003!! We'll be posting her interview and pictorial soon!

March 5, 2003
We posted page 8 of SideKick Hotline comic. Finally- Suzy loses a piece of clothes! Way to go Captain Massive!

March 3, 2003
Virutal Trading Card #6 features Voodoo Child!! Miss September 2002 - Babe of the Month!!

March 1, 2003
We posted page 7 of SideKick Hotline comic.

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